Signs & Hardware

Highway Signs & Hardware

Dobie Supply offers a full line of Highway Signs and Hardware.

Our signs are MUTCD compliant and can be custom made specific to your construction project, event or public/private property need. We also supply the hardware and accessories for mounting your signs.


Dobie’s on-site sign shop allows us to meet all of your signage needs, while meeting MUTCD, state and local standards.

  • Regulatory

  • Warning

  • Guide

  • Construction/Work Zone

  • Wayfinding

  • Custom


Dobie Supply stocks various sizes and lengths of U-Channel, round tubular and square tube sign post. For longer life and aesthetics, a powder coating can be added in various colors and textures.

Parking Lots:

  • 2 3/8”x16ga galvanized posts
  • U-channel – galvanized posts
  • Bollards


  • TWT- 13ga galvanized post with socket and wedge
  • U-channel – galvanized posts


  • TWT – 13ga galvanized post with socket and wedge
  • 10BWG – break away slip base post system
  • Sch 80 – break away slip base post system


  • Powder Coating
  • Special size or thickness
  • Special hole patterns


  • Caps and crosses
  • Sign clamps
  • Vandal resistant hardware